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Where the money goes

Malaysian AIDS Foundation runs a long list of critical life-saving programmes that provides opportunity for People Living with HIV to lead a normal life. From special funds to support children born with HIV and treatment subsidy programme that provides free medication to underprivileged patients, to microcredit scheme for single mother and young women living with HIV, our programmes directly touch the lives of our community.

About Us

Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) is one of Malaysia’s leading non-profit organisation dedicated to the Support, Treatment & Care Programme for AIDS, Community Empowerment, HIV Education and Policy Works to protect the interest of People Living with HIV. MAF also helps to raise and administer funds for Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC), a coalition of 46 grassroot HIV/AIDS non-profit organisations.

Our Fundraising Events

From charity sales to high-society soiree, the Malaysian AIDS Foundation continues to organise AIDS charity events that raises funds and public awareness on HIV/AIDS. We owe much of our success to the generosity of our donors and supporters who continue to believe in the works that we do. Check our event page to participate in our long list of exciting events.

Eliminating AIDS-related Stigma and Discrimination at Workplace

Be part of the Malaysian Business Consortium on HIV/AIDS (MBCH), a corporate membership programme that brings together local corporate companies in Malaysia under the single agenda of promoting workplace protection policy and developing effective HIV/AIDS workplace programmes. MBCH is a proactive measure that helps to mitigate the negative impact of HIV/AIDS at the workplace and also a step forward towards the creation of a better and safer workplace environment for employees.

HIV Connect

An online self-paced course on HIV for Primary Care Physicians in Malaysia

**Only for registered medical practitioners in Malaysia with valid MMC numbers**

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