A fundraising appeal by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation

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MAF would like to appeal for your donation to enable us to carry out important HIV and AIDS prevention activities as well as programme for the benefit of People Living with HIV.

Overview of the HIV & AIDS Epidemic in Malaysia

The HIV epidemic in Malaysia is concentrated in these key populations:


Total reported HIV
(Dec 2016)


Total reported HIV in children
<13 years (Dec 2016)


Total reported HIV in women
(Dec 2016)


HIV Transmission by Sexual Activities


The Act Against AIDS is an awareness and fundraising campaign that aim to address the AIDS epidemic and its impact on the lives of every Malaysians.

Malaysian AIDS Foundation is compelled to launch this fundraising campaign because there is a growing perception in this country that the HIV and AIDS battle has been won, and the we are ready to move forward and address many other healthcare issues. While we are certainly proud of the many great achievements that has been made for the past 30 years, this is certainly not the time for us to put HIV and AIDS in the back burner. Malaysia currently record 9 new HIV infections per day, and the epidemic is now being driven by sexual transmission, which means that young people are now facing much greater risk of getting infected. We are not doing enough to educate our young people about the risks associated with HIV and AIDS, and it is a potential healthare time bomb if we do not act fast enough.

We should also be aware about the plight of more than 80,000 People Living with HIV in Malaysia - many of whom are from underprivileged backgrounds with The Act Against AIDS is an awareness and fundraising campaign that aim to address the AIDS epidemic and its impact on the lives of every access to basic health care and suffer stigma and discrimination attached to HIV & AIDS – in work place, in public services, even in education sector. The epidemic is also affecting children and young people. The impact of HIV and AIDS on children is seen most dramatically in the numbers of children and adolescents orphaned by AIDS. They are deemed the most vulnerable because they face grave risks to their education, health, and well-being. Many more children live with parents who are chronically ill, live in households that have taken in orphans or have lost their family members to AIDS and they are all equally affected by the epidemic.

The Act Againts AIDS Campaign is a rallying call every Malaysian to make a postive changes in the society. We need to do the best that we can to stop the HIV and AIDS epidemic and preserve the dignity and uphold the rights of every People Living with HIV.