About MAF

Objectives of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation:

Prevent the spread of HIV in Malaysia.

Increase public awareness and knowledge on HIV issues

Protect the rights of PLHIV who may suffer discrimination due to their HIV status.

Support Malaysians living with HIV, including women and children orphaned or made vulnerble by AIDS.

  • 1986

    The first case of HIV infection in Malaysia was first recorded in 1986.
  • Right from the onset of the epidemic, Malaysian Government was fast to recognise the threat of HIV to public healthcare as well as its negative impact on social fabric of Malaysian society.
  • 1992

    Recognising that the epidemic was concentrated among hard-to-reach segment of the society, government quickly mobilise civil societies by establishing the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) in 1992, which started as a coalition of just 6 grassgroot NGOs working on HIV/AIDS works.
  • 1993

    In 1993, Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF), the dedicated fundraising arm of MAC was established to help to bridge the gap in funding for AIDS programme by the government.
  • 1998

    The Medicine Assistance Scheme, to provide anti-retroviral medicines to underprivileged Malaysians living with HIV, was launched by MAF.
  • 2014

    MAF today, as a legally-recognised tax exemptable non-profit organisation, works closely with corporate organisations and institutional funders – both locally and internationally - to raise funds for the 47 Partner Organisation of MAC as well as providing direct assistance to People Living With HIV and Malaysia.