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What is #GiveMe5?

The Give Me Five Campaign is a rallying call to every Malaysian to make positive changes in the society. We need to do the best that we can to stop the HIV and AIDS epidemic and preserve the dignity and uphold the rights of People Living with HIV. The Give Me Five Campaign encourages the Malaysian public to make a contribution of just RM 5 per month because we believe that even the smallest donation will make a big impact if we pool our resources together.

Give Me Five is actually from the high-five gesture that is universally recognized as a feel-good gesture. It exudes confidence and positive attitude. The image of someone giving their fives to People Living with HIV (PLHIV) is an act of solidarity, acceptance and indirectly eliminate stigma and discrimination towards them.

Give Me Five Campaign Support


People Living with HIV in Malaysia

The Malaysian AIDS Foundation is launching this fundraising campaign to support more than 80,000 People Living with HIV in Malaysia – many of whom are from underprivileged backgrounds with limited access to basic health care and suffer stigma and discrimination attached to HIV & AIDS – in the workplace, public services and even education sector.

How #GiveMe5 helps ending AIDS?

The funds raised from the Give Me Five Campaign will enable us to carry out important HIV and AIDS programmes such as:


Treatment, Care and Support Programme for women and children living with HIV

Single mothers and children living with HIV are long acknowledged as one of the most vulnerable sub populations within People Living with HIV in Malaysia. Often bereft of any family support and discriminated even by their close social circle and the local communities, MAF took the responsibility to care for these women and children living with HIV by providing shelter home facilities and referral services to ensure their well-being.

Community Empowerment

Programme to develop the skills of People Living with HIV, especially women and single mothers, so that they can lead an independent life and be a productive member of society. Through this programme, we hope to produce individuals living with HIV to step forward and share their success despite being HIV positive in efforts to increase public awareness and those infected with HIV.

Mobilisation Resource Plan

Develop a programme to generate income to sustain operating costs after five years where the workforce will comprise members of the community who have been empowered.

Knowledge survey

An integral part of the Give Me Five Campaign is a survey about HIV and AIDS that we carry out through our donation portal.
Results from this survey will give a clear picture about the level of HIV/AIDS awareness among the Malaysian public and help us to design a better HIV/AIDS education campaign in the future.