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initiative that assists underprivileged Malaysian
Living with HIV to receive their second line medication.
Slide PAL Scheme is offering subsidized HIV medication
for underprivileged Malaysian living with HIV.

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Join us to help Malaysian
living with HIV getting their medication.
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For further information, call 03 4047 4222

Yayasan Sime Darby
Standing Up for People Living with HIV

Yayasan Sime Darby, a long-time partner of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation, is the main funder of PAL Scheme in its endeavour to improve the quality of lives of People Living with HIV. The life-saving scheme provides subsidised medication for underprivileged patients who require advanced second-line HIV treatment. PAL Scheme represents the most enduring symbol of YSD’s commitment towards the Ending AIDS Goal and has given a new lease of life to 125 beneficiaries that otherwise, would have no means to afford their Antiretroviral (ARV) prescription that can run into thousands of ringgit per month. Together with MAF, YSD is making an impact on our on-going mission to bridge the gaps in HIV treatment in Malaysia, where currently 4 out of 10 PLHIV are still not on treatment.

YSD's footprint on the national AIDS response is also visible in the various HIV/AIDS advocacy initiatives led by MAF. They are one of the Founding Members and serve as one of the corporate advisors for the Malaysian Business Consortium for HIV/AIDS (MBCH).

YSD is also directly involved in the HIV and Islam initiative that attempts to close in support from the Islamic Religious Authorities in Malaysia to address some of the most urgent issues within the HIV/AIDS spheres such as prevalence of HIV infection among the Muslim population and also the socio-economic vulnerabilities of the community.

YSD also shares MAF's concern about the rising tide of HIV sexual transmission among young Malaysians, prompting them to join forces with MAF in sending out important messages about responsible behaviours and safer sex practices through creative outlets such as Short Film Competitions. The HIV/AIDS issue was even made one of the highlights at the last YSD Art Festival. At grassroots level, YSD also supported our Partner Organisations across Malaysia to improve their long-term sustainability and help our community members to build a better life and become productive members of society. MAF is truly thankful for YSD's support and we look forward to continuing this deeply meaningful partnership as we march together in our goal to end AIDS in Malaysia.

PAL Scheme is a charity initiative by Malaysian AIDS Foundation that provides sponsored second line antiretroviral treatment to underprivileged People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLHIV).

Riding on the slogan, Positive Audacious Living, PAL Scheme was conceived by Malaysian AIDS Foundation with the primary objective of helping PLHIV to prolong and improve their quality of life.

PAL Scheme requires a minimum commitment of approximately RM 500,00 per annum by MAF to sustain, which roughly translates into medication subsidy for about 60 PLHIV.

This is a huge financial burden for MAF, and has prevented us from opening up medication subsidy opportunity for more recipients. As a result, there is a long waiting list for PAL Scheme. Some of the waiting list candidate has waited for several years to join PAL Scheme.

MAF seeks support from donor and corporate funder to expand PAL Scheme coverage so that more PLHIV will have a second shot at lives and receive their much-needed medication.

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